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Omega Grease/Oil

Omega Manufacturing Division uses only the best base stocks for its lubricating fluid and has developed the most advanced formulation of thickening agents. The comprehensive range of Omega greases marks the beginning of a new industrial standard and is designed to provide users with many advantages, including:

  • Improved machinery performance
  • Elimination of misapplication
  • Simplification  of inventory
  • Reduced procurement costs and storage space
  • Versatility of uses
  • Reduced downtime and production losses

_________________________ OMEGA GREASE ________________________




Omega 22 is a high-performance NLGI 2-grade grease quality formulated with a synthetic base fluid and a special grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) constituent to ensure enhanced lubricity in   punishing conditions. Omega 22 provides lasting and consistent protection   to applied parts under a wide range of service temperatures from -40°C to 210°C

Omega 33 is a special diester synthetic compound with an exceptionally high flashpoint. Additives include the unique "Megalite" family of supplements, ensuring extreme temperature resistance up to 315°C - and for short periods of exposure, beyond. Special viscosity improvers using hybridic polymers have been developed to extend the service life of this lubricant. The high temperature resistance of Omega 33 is nearly double that of ordinary gases.


Omega 35 is a highly-specialized High Temperature Stable grease that has been engineered to continue lubricating applied parts at temperatures where ordinary greases "carbonize" and form abrasives that damage equipment. It consists of a synthetic, non-ash base or "carrier" agent,             into which a high concentration of super-micronized, infinitesimal fine-mesh, lubricant-grade Megalite Solid Lubricant (MSL) is suspended.


Omega 51 is a highly versatile grease that is ideally suited for use in all high speed electric motors and bearings, including roller, needle, and practically all other types of bearings.


Omega 57 is a completely water-resistant, extreme-pressure bearing lubricant with mercurial wear-resistance characteristics. It contains specially-developed high-impact resisting supplements. This remarkable grease solves wheel bearing problems where heat,   water and extreme conditions are present. The unique Omega Megalite supplements incorporated into Omega 57 ensure longer service life since equipment on which it is used will operate under considerably cooler conditions, thereby providing a new dimension in downtime prevention.


Omega 58 is a controlled-purity lubricant   developed for universal use in foodcontact type industries. Its composition is based on a proportionate quantity of AI/Stearoylbenzoyl and Isopropyloleate. These two basics, in addition to a combination of specially formulated additives and modifiers that constitute a breakthrough in purity-lubrication.


Omega 65 is a 'premier' lubricant especially designed for ultra long-term preservation of today's chains, cables and wire ropes. Omega 65 contains a precise percentage of high-contrast fluorinated polymers in the form of methacrylates. These special supplements provide critical and essential boundary formation that stops creep or squeeze-out. It has an avid affinity for metal. This attraction provides the interfacial tenacity to prevent squeeze-out at even the most critical CDAP (Change Direction Apex Point). It is a well-known fact that 90% of all manufactured lubricants used on chains, cables and wire ropes squeeze out during the first hours of service!

Omega 71 is a stable drop point grease with a resistance to temperatures of up to 260°C (500°F)! Ordinary greases have unstable drop points because they conform to the "soap" type greases, which deteriorate rapidly under high heat conditions. Omega 71 however, contains solid and highly-micronized supplements that are impossible to melt-providing a "carrier" for the mineral oil. As carrier, they   ensure that Omega 71 remains stable up to -and including -the drop point of beyond 260°C (500°F). Ordinary greases cannot cope with temperature changes and begin to melt at a temperature well below 260°C (500°F).





The criteria of a good gear lubricant is based on its ability to separate the loading from one pair of gears to another in a multiple gear set. All frictional Surfaces within any one gear system - including the gear shaft bearings -are lubricated from one common source. If severe wear and its   resulting downtime is to be avoided - no lubricant compromise can be made. Omega 73 is a specially developed open gear lubricant designed to provide   multiple protection to the gear system -without compromise!

Omega 77 is a sophisticated, impact-resistant, chassis and bearing lubricant. It provides an exceptional standard of lubrication no the endless variety of mechanical equipment in use today. This results in dramatically reduced inventories, downtime and maintenance cost.


Omega 85 "Shear Sensation Plus" (SSP) all-purpose grease is an improved version of unique and continuing Omega research into the development of a single grease to meet virtually any automotive and industrial application. "Shear Sensation Plus" (SSP) is an improved formulation and features the same phenomenal shear stability that remains unmatched by any ordinary grease!


New formulation Omega 95 is the latest generation of Omega's premier severe saltwater-and corrosive atmosphere-resistant grease. It is characterized by an extremely high load carrying capability, superior resistance to water, unparalleled   mechanical stability, enhanced resistance to oxidation and corrosion and exemplary performance in high temperature applications. Omega 95 will continue to lubricate under complete immersion or high water washout applications that no ordinary grease can endure.


Omega 99 is an acid-resistant, water-proof, alkali-proof, high heat resistant, metal preserving lubricant. It prevents metal seizure and enhances the ease with which equipment can be efficiently dismantled for maintenance purposes.

__________________________ OMEGA OIL ___________________________


Omega 580 Superior Food Machinery Oil is positively non-toxic. Ideal for food industry and other applications that demand the use of pure oil grade. It outlasts and outperforms ordinary 'pure oils, and is formulated with a potent preservatives addictive to suppress harmful bacteria activity.

Omega 585 Synthetic Food-Grade Chain & Gear Oil is super formulation lubricant scientifically developed for food, beverage and canning applications. It features an all-synthetic formulation for a super-extended operating temperature range -30°C to 240°C, and has high-performance blend of additives that give extended lubrication intervals.


Omega 605 Superior Air Line Lubricant is the scientifically advanced formulation that provides exceptional safety in all air line applications. It withstands extreme punishment, has special emulsifying additives to enable water to mix readily with oil - keeps lines flowing freely. Omega 605 bonds tenaciously to working surfaces - gives reliable, long-lasting protection.


Omega 606 Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil is a high performance, high viscosity, multi-grade hydraulic oil. Omega 606 extends oil and equipment lifetime with top lubricity, promotes cleaner hydraulic systems with antideposit and anti-sludge formulation. It's genuine performance versatility ensures application on different hydraulic systems and helps reduce plant's overall inventory costs.


Omega 608 Superior Chain and Way Lubricant is the scientifically tested and proven advanced oil that keeps chains and ways operating under severe conditions. Omega 608 features an outstanding formulation - resists oil oxidant and protects metals from corrosion. It has also high film strength - will not break down even under heavy loads.


Omega 611 Super Refrigeration Oil provides constant lubrication to rotors, pistons and bearing in all types of refrigeration compressor systems. It is formulated specifically for refrigerators - soluble with most refrigerants. Omega 611 does not form waxy or solid deposits that block oilways and orifice passages at low temperatures and, retains constant fluid texture to ensure consistent, long-lasting protection.


Omega 612 Universal Lubrication & Hydraulic Oil is the premium circulating, hydraulic and general-purpose lubricant that stands up to the most arduous service conditions. Features an anti-magnetic formulation, will not attract metallic dust and particles. It gives superb lubrication that contains anti-wear and anti-rust additives for consistent, reliable, long-lasting protection. Omega 612 is a truly multi-purpose lubricant.



Omega 613 Superior Air Compressor Oil is the advanced air compressor and vacuum pump lubricant that provides a new dimension in safety and cost effectiveness. Omega 613 protects against overheating, high-temperature damage and even explosion, and  continually battles corrosion to extend the service life of expensive equipment. It arrest leaks - works to seal packing and piston rings.


Omega 615 Synthetic Air & Refrigerator Compressor Oil is the ultra high performance air compressor and refrigeration compressor lubricant that provides a new performance 'envelope'. Features an advanced synthetic formulation that outperforms ordinary oil. It is ideal for rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating compressors.

Omega 636 Jamaican-Base Universal Maintenance Oil is 'The Liquid Wrench' universal maintenance oil with superior water resistance and displacement properties, made with pure Jamaican pimento oil for enduring quality. It has 4-in-1 action - lubricates, penetrates, lifts water and prevents rust. Omega 636 is unbelievable versatile, can be used as temporary corrosion protection before applying permanent anti-corrosion coating (excluding paints or primers).


Omega 646 Superior Chain Lubricant is a fluid lubricant quality engineered exclusively for use on all types of chains. Omega 646 remains stable through wide variation and cycles in operating temperatures. It's special micronized 'Megalite' structure ensures the lubricant stays in place to help eliminate galling, seizing and scoring of chains.


Omega 647 'Carbon-Fee' Hi-Temp Chain Lubricant is the superior formulation that keeps on working long after ordinary lubricants burn off to form abrasive coagulants that clod chain links. Features an advanced 100% synthetic formula that ensures unparalleled high-temperature performance. Omega 647 produces positively no carbon formation - vaporizes at ultra high temperatures without leaving chain-damaging residue. It extends service intervals up yo 10 times over ordinary lubricants, saving time and money.


Omega 660 Superior Thermal Stability Heat Transfer Oil is the high-quality heat transfer lubricant designed to ensure increased operating efficiency. It contains super dispersants that resist sludge build-up almost indefinitely. Provides lower viscosity property and excellent built-in stability to enable smaller and lower pump requirements.

Omega 670 Straight Mineral Gear Oil is the high-purity lubricant engineered specially for high-performance applications where supplements and additives can't be used. 100% straight paraffinic gear oil designed for optimum results in high-purity applications. Stands up to acids, heat and wear that ordinary napthenic oil can't handle, and provides exceptional protection against metal corrosion and oxidation.


Omega 680 High Performance Worm Gear Oil is the 'timetested and time-proven' maintenance solution to derive the optimal efficiency and peak performance from all kinds of worm gear. It's exceptional lubricity and tenacity protect worm gears with reduced friction temperature, and its superior performance promotes quieter and cooler gear operation.


Omega 690 Super EP Gear Oil protects and lubricates gears with innovative CTA (Compensatory Thermostatic Action) that delivers the ultimate 'stay put' lubricity - maximizing gear efficiency. Omega 690 ensures unparalleled lubricity that reduces operating temperature and noise pollution created by scuffing, scoring, galling, pitting and scraping. Completely resistant against waterwash, condensation, moisture or contamination and it surpasses API GL-5 and GL-6 when other oils barely attain GL-4.


Omega 699 Super Automatic Transmission Fluid is a truly multi-purpose fluid that meets and exceeds all current original equipment manufacturers specifications for automatic transmission fluids, including the latest and most rigorous specifications of DEXRON III&reg. Enhanced with a more versatile formulation to lubricate the newest design in automatic transmissions. Keeps equipment cool and lubricated, absorbs heat and converts it to free energy, ensuring best protection. It also ensures that the AT system, clutch plates and seals remain clean and highly functional at all times.