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Fastening Systems International Inc. (FSI) is a leading supplier of blind fasteners, blind rivet installation tools and specialty sheet metal tool kits for the aerospace, military and commercial industries. FSI manufactures many of its own rivet installation tool kits. They also distribute quality riveting products such as Cherry Max, Huck & Sioux Tools.

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The new higher capacity PT-4000 cordless blind riveter offers the sheet metal technician capability for installation of most all 1/4" diameter blind rivets while retaining all the features of the PT-3000 with respect to size, weight and versatility. 

Falling within the USAF TO-1-1-688 spec, the PT-4000 develops in excess of 3,000 lbs of pulling force over more than 3/4" of stroke.  Utilizing the same battery packs and charger as the PT-3000 riveter, the PT-4000 is a logical addition for any organization normally requiring 1/4" diameter blind riveting capability.  The standard PT-4000 pulling head assembly is interchangeable with any of the FSI riveters therefore offering redundancy and reduced spare parts.

Types of rivets installable with the PT-4000 include, but are not limited to, virtually all CherryMax (M7885), Avdel or Cherry Monobolts®, Cherry Interlock®, Huck Magna-Lok® and POP® type rivets.  The PT-4000 is also capable of installing both 5/32" and 3/16" Blind Bolts (MS90353/54-S/U) with the proper nosepieces (provided in the MIL-1 and MIL-2 kits).


PART #: PT-4000
NSN #:

  • Powerful
  • Fast & Efficient...rivals air powered performace 
  • Ergonomically Balanced
  • Over 3000 lbs of Pulling Force
  • More than 3/4" Stroke


  • Pulling Force: 3,000 lbs. 
  • Stroke: .787 inches 
  • Dimensions: 11-7/8" H x 10-3/8" L x 2-5/8" W 
  • Charger Source: 120 volt, 60 Hz or 220 volt, 50 Hz 
  • Power Source (Battery): 12 volt, 3.2 Ah Nickel-Metal (NiMH) Hydride Battery 
  • Charger Cycle Time: One Hour
  • Operating Temp. Range (Ambient): 32 to 120 degree F
  • Housing Material: Impact resistant glass filled nylon

Evolving out of the successful D-100 series Hand Hydraulic version, the air operated PT-100 Series Blind Riveter continues the tradition of offering a unique blend of power, versatility and compact size.  Almost all straight pull style blind rivets with required installation loads of 4,000 lbs. or less can be installed with the PT-100 series riveter.  Although   most often used to install CherryMax® and Huck-Clinch® blind rivets, a wide variety of adapters, nosepieces, and special pulling heads are available to insure maximum flexibility for any single action blind rivet requirement.

The PT-100 Series Riveter utilizes a patented, air motor driven, multiple valve cylinder hydraulic pump assembly.  Unlike most blind riveters, the PT-100 Series Riveter permits stroke control.  Upon trigger actuation, the tool's nose assembly moves forward as long as the trigger is depressed or   until maximum stroke is reached.  The jaw assembly, which holds the rivet stem, remains stationary.  Trigger movement allows the user to monitor and control the stroke length of the tool it required.  A releasing trigger is provided to eject the stem from the nose assembly after the rivet retention, which in pressure relief system insures tool safety and longevity. 

PART #: PT-100
NSN #: 5130-01-397-6805

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Productive


  • Pulling Capacity: 4000 lbs
  • Stroke: .625"
  • Weight: 30oz.
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 6.75" L x 2.025" W
  • Power Source: Air Operated (90 to 120 psig) Multiple Valve, Cylindrical Hydraulic Pump Assembly with built in pressure relief system

Evolving from the highly successful blind riveter the D-700A / D-700-VM the new D-700C addresses user needs for an even more versatile, powerful, reliable, and field repairable tooling system.  A new smart valve permits a greatly reduced wrist effort for installation of a wide variety of straight pull blind fasteners including all CherryMax® style (M7885) blind rivets, Cherry blind bolts (MS90353/54S/U) (thru 3/16" dia.), Rivnuts®  thru 3/8" and most blind inserts. The D-700C riveter is provided with the Vari-Max™ adjustable pressure control to permit precise setting of pulling force when installing blind rivet nut fasteners.  The D-700C may be used with any of the nosepieces and accessories supplied in the D-100 series kits.  


PART #: D-700C
NSN #: 5120-01-397-6806

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Field Repairable
  • Reliable


  • Pulling Force: 5,000 lbs. 
  • Stroke Max. .8" 
  • Overall Dimensions: 7.50" L x 6.56" H x 2.00" W 
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs. 
  • Number of Strokes for .5"
  • Travel: 8 
  • Wrist Effort to Pull 3,000 lb fastener: 30lbs 
  • Retract Action: Single Pushbutton

The D-9000-MIL-2 is ideal for field maintenance modification, and BDR applications. It provides hand mechanical, hand hydraulic, air hydraulic and cordless blind riveters all in one convenient case. It can be used for Air Mobility, Line Maintenance and Battle Damage Repair Kits. The D-9000-Mil-2 installs all CherryMax® thru 1/4" and most Blind Bolts thru 3/16".

In addition a wide selection of rivet nosepieces are provided to permit installation of virtually all single action blind rivets thru 3/16" diameter currently in DOD inventory, including CherryMax® (thru 1/4") (M7885/NAS9300), Cherrylock® "A" / Olympic-lok (NAS1400A), Huck SMLS (NAS1900S), Nutplate rivets (Mil-N-25027), POP® rivets (Mil-R-24243), Self-Plugging Rivets (MS20600), and Huck or Cherry Blind Bolts (MS90353/54 S or U). The Kit contains the capability to install Huck Magna-lokH (M7885/10) and Cherry Interlock® wire draw rivets in 3/16 and 1/4" inch diameters commonly used on military and commercial vehicles, including the HMMWV, trucks, trailers, shelters, cargo containers, radar domes, and ground support equipment.

The D-9000-MIL-2 kit contains the pull-up studs and driving anvils used in conjunction with the hand hydraulic D-700 combination riveter-nutsetter which permit installation of blind nuts (NAS1329/30, / MS 27130/31) in sizes 6-32 thru 3/8-16. The riveter provides over 4,000 lbs of pulling force, and because of its unique two-stage valve system, wrist effort is reduced as the loads increase. For this reason the D-700 riveter is equipped with a pressure regulating feature called Vari-Max which allows the user to set the pulling pressure desired for the particular lot of blind nuts being installed, thereby minimizing the chance of thread failure from excessive pulling force or improper installation due to inadequate upset loads.


PART #: D-9000-MIL-2
NSN #: 5180-01-470-6539

  • Aerospace &  Military Line Maintenance 
  • Industrial Sheet Metal Applications
  • Battle Damage Repair (BDR)
  • Ideal for Expanded Unit Level Maintenance
  • Fly Away Kit


  • 4 Riveters in One Kit
  • Installs all CherryMax thru 1/4" & Blind Bolts thru 3/16"
  • Contians 78 pieces
  • Dimensions: 19.25" x 14.75" x 4.625"
  • Weight: 28.5 lbs