Global Sourcing Services Pte Ltd (GSS) is a global provider of tooling and industrial solutions to customers in the industrial sector. Our procurement and supply division provides a fully comprehensive procurement and supply service to our customers locally and worldwide.
Through our vast worldwide network of source and contacts, our dedicated team of experienced sourcing specialist continually source the right product and the right price providing a prompt, reliable and cost efficient service to all our clients.
Our dedicated team of staff have the overall experience and knowledge to be able to provide suggestion and solution with the added provision and application knowledge and technical expertise before and after sales support.
GSS prides itself in being able to provide a fully comprehensive, competitive, reliable and cost effective procurement and supply solution to all of our clients worldwide.


Our plan , through controlled expansion, is to offer reliable and sustained services to our customers with the emphasis being on long term sustainability and reliability and to establish Global Sourcing Services Pte Ltd as a leading one-stop industrial supplier within the aviation, oilfield, marine and engineering industries.


To meet our client’s industrial needs with innovative solution and value creation , strengthened by industry knowledge, market intelligence and expertise.


Global Sourcing Services regards its employees as a vital part of the company; our link to the customer. Our motivated and result oriented sales team is concerned with serving our customers and meeting all of their requirements. All of GSS customers are supported by a team of sales representative, customer service officer, delivery personnel, technical equipment personnel and finance personnel whose sole purpose is to ensure that we provide prompt, efficient service and quality products to all our valued customers.

Products and Services

GSS has its own house brand of tooling products such as hand tools, power tools, tool storage, specialty airframe tooling and many others. Besides keeping inventory of our own house brand, GSS also offers value added service to customers by offering other brands/ products that customer requires. A team of sourcing specialist is dedicated to the sourcing needs of customer for their additional requirement. GSS takes pride in providing efficient sourcing services to customers over the years.
Brands represented as follows :